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UPDATE - Commission Information

Sat Apr 16, 2016, 10:52 AM

Status: Check Trello Link Below

Please note that the following information is in regards to single commissions. If you are a business looking to hire me as a freelancer, let us discuss what you want and your prices through email.


Check progress on my Trello!

1) Open
2) Open
3) Open
4) Open
5) Open
6) Open
7) Open
8) Open
9) Open
10) Open

On hold for now:

These are commissioners who haven't finalized their ideas but have paid. Friends only.

1) Kaynil

Payment Options:

- Paypal (preferred)
- Square Invoice (preferred; backup to Paypal)
- DeviantART Points

This journal is simply stating if I am open or closed and will be updated when I open it. Please note that I only have limited slots open due to work load. So when those slots are filled, I will close commissions, then open it when I have time again, or wish to work on commissions.

Prices and examples are posted down below. I would appreciate it greatly if you do not bargain with me on prices, as I have my own bills that need to be paid off. ( owo)b

Possible F.A.Q.s

Q) What is the down payment on drawings? Can I ask for a payment plan?

A) A non-refundable down payment of $20+ will be needed if you choose to withhold the funds until the drawing is complete. You will get a rough sketch of the drawing to make sure this is what you want. Payment plans are available for costlier commissions. You will not receive the full completed drawing until it has been paid in full.
Q) What kind of products would you ship if I want a physical copy?

A) Paper products only. That means a printed 8x11 drawing or a poster of your specified size (within reason). The poster will cost a considerable amount. (Poster unavailable for now).

Q) I have a character/species thought up, but I have no concept art for it. What do I do?

A) Please give me a non-refundable down payment of $30. Then you give me all the reference pictures you want of it. You describe in detail what you want the character or species to look like. I will send you several images to make sure this is how you want it. Once I am done, I will withhold the drawing until I get paid.

Q) What kind of art will you not do?

A) I do not draw any fetishes or sexual drawings regardless of age group. I also do not draw LGBT+ materials mainly because of my faith (that doesn't mean I will deny service to a LGBT person; I just won't draw such matierals). Animals, armor, guns, and machinery are tough for me, but I will attempt my best on it (if you want these things, I may raise the price depending on the item).


Q) Why are your prices so much? I only have 20 points and I want, no, DEMAND, you to draw my awesome OC!

A) ...Okay first off, in order to make a living at my art and even make it out in the real world, I need to make $20/hr or more. 20 points is about 20 cents or less in USD. As much as I like to draw, I would also like my own place and food, thank you very much.

See below some Journals that I love about this sort of thing.

WHY ART SELLS AT THE PRICES THEY DO!Seeing as lately there have been quite a few people confused on why some art sells for considered "high prices", designs especially, let me try my best to explain why it does and give a bit of insight to the people who dont understand as to why things do sell for what they do.
Artists are Underpricing Themselves
For a very long time, society has conditioned us to believe that everything has to be dirt cheap, art is also included as being perceived as a cheap product and that artists should be treated as cheap commodities. It is a sad reality that many artists have to face when they want to make a career out of their profession, but that doesnt mean we should accept this conditioning, if an artist wishes to price their work high, then they should have every right to. Not only does it take decades for an artist to hone their skills, it takes days, months or even years to finish one piece of work depending on the artistic profession, an artist should be able to get their money's worth for
  $5 is hardly anything for a commission, heres whyEdit: Okay, wow--If I knew this journal would get the attention that it's getting I would have tried to make it sound a bit more professional and a bit less ranty im almost a little embarrassed
I'm also really glad that so many of you could share your input and experiences. It's really important that we understand this--especially on a site with so many young, impressionable artists. It's easy for us to think that our time is only worth the end product. When i first joined this site (i was 13), the first type of commission that I took was a full picture for only 5 points. Granted--it didn't look the best. i was only 13 after all, but at the time I didn't even know the value of points. When i was about 14-15 I started looking to get more serious about my art. I wanted to make actual money off of it, so I started considering prices and i never charged anything more than $20. I was still really torn because a few people were still telling me that I was underchar

Q) Why do you prefer Paypal over points?

Again, points are about 1 cent in US currently per point, so it's not worth it. Although, if you WANT to pay me for points for a commission, you must know I will put your commission BEHIND paypal commissions. Why? Because it takes TWO WEEKS to for the points to clear through DeviantART through the widget. Sometimes I need funds faster than that.

(More will be posted when I get more questions or think of my own.)


Please note these examples are sorted by category and by newest first. You may not get the style I had years ago). Please also note that depending on your order, I may alter the prices. Prices below are in USD (NOT POINTS), an ESTIMATE and not a final price. If you want to purchase these in points, please tell me through note so I can open the commissions widget.

Icon: $25+

Full Colored Chibi: $45+

[Gift] - Seine for Onisuu by Izagar

Digital Sketch: $25+

[Commission] Eevee and Mimikyu by Izagar

Digital Colored Sketch: $55+
(The sketch above, with colors. Usually flat or cellshaded.)

Digital Drawing: $70+ (Lined art with flats, cellshaded, or minimal painting. It's an in-between not much more.)

Xander - Fire Emblem Fates by Izagar 

Digital "Painting": $125+ (With or without lineart, this is where I take my most time blending pictures and stuff.)

Simple Background: $5-10+ (This means the background has little detail added to it.)

Reshiram Vs. Zekrom by Izagar  

Complex Background: $20+
(Lots of background detail that takes more time.)

Commission 1: Jirachi by Izagar

Additional Characters: $10+ per character depending on complexity (less detailed character = $10. Complex characters like Velvet Crowe from Tales of Berseria will be more costly.)

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April 16, 2016


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